R Music Studio guitar instructor, Jonathan Reger, has many years of experience playing and teaching guitar. He teaches:

  • beginner, intermediate and advanced guitar
  • basic chords to advanced bar chords & strumming patterns
  • tablature reading and some lead guitar
  • acoustic or electric guitar
  • children (from about 8 years) through adult
  • beginner bass guitar
  • beginner banjo
  • beginner ukulele

The rates for lessons are:

  • 4, 30-minute lessons per month - $60 (through age ~11/12)
  • 4, 45-minute lessons per month - $70 (typical youth & adult lesson) 
  • 2, 1-hour lessons per month - $60 (those who can’t do weekly lessons)

In addition to giving lessons, minor instrument repair and maintenance can be done (e.g. changing strings, setup, minor repairs, etc.).

R Music Studio can provide a high-quality sound system and good music for your next party or dance.  If desired, karaoke can be added to this event.  Please contact us so we can bid on your event...you won't be sorry!!

R Music Studio can provide on-location recording for your musical event (choir or orchestra concert, band performances, recitals, church cantatas, etc.). Once your event is recorded, we will mix and master the recording and provide CDs. If desired we can take CD orders at the door of the event for those interested in purchasing a CD. However, if these CDs will be used as a fundraiser, then we will work up a bid for recording and providing however many CDs are desired. Please contact us for all your recording needs.  (Note that R Music Studio will also take care of obtaining all necessary copyright licenses)

R Music Studio can provide a sound system and run the sound for your music concert. This can be in conjunction with on-location recording of the event or not…it’s up to you.

R Music Studio can provide in-studio recording, using a digital multi-track recorder. Entire multi-piece bands can lay down tracks simultaneously or individuals can lay down one track at a time. Studio instrumental and vocal work can be provided as desired. Once the tracking is completed, the songs can be mixed and mastered to a demo or final CD (ready for sale).

R Music Studio can convert cassette tapes or LP albums to CDs or mp3s (conversion will be the quality on the original recording, no additional audio processing is currently available).  In addition, we can provide video media conversion -- VHS, Hi8, or Mini DV tapes to DVD.  

**R Music Studio can provide bids for the any of the above services upon request.**


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